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Roasting and Loaf Pan Bakeware Set

Roasting and Loaf Pan Bakeware Set

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About this item

Make dinner and dessert with this culinary combo. Use the roasting pan to feed the entire family with a hearty one-pan meal of lasagna or a whole roasted chicken with vegetables; for a sweet treat, use the pan as a water bath for soufflés and custard. The loaf pan can similarly be used for both sweet or savory dishes and is ideal for baking pound cake, meatloaf and homemade bread.


  • Solid carbon steel construction provides fast, even heat distribution

  • Built to last - durable, heavy-gauge metal resists twisting and warping, maintaining its shape even with years of use

  • Non-toxic non-stick coating guarantees an easy release and quick clean up

  • Premium quality, broad, rolled rims; signature non-slip milled texture provides a secure grip; dishwasher- and oven-safe up to 450° Fahrenheit

Dimensions Roasting Pan

  • Width: 11.2”

  • Height: 2.1”

  • Length: 16.2

  • Weight: 1.55 lbs

Dimensions Loaf Pan

  • Width: 4.9

  • Height: 2.6

  • Length: 12.4

  • Weight: 0.7 lbs

(Measurements include rims.)

This bakeware set contains PTFE for the nonstick properties. Those are listed in the CECBP-Priority Chemicals (Biomonitoring California Priority Chemicals list). For more information, visit ABOUT NON-STICK page.

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