Carbon Steel

  • Made with “Nitriding” Technology
  • Natural Non-Stick Patina Layer Can Be Built Over Time
  • Delivers The Same Searing Results as Cast Iron
  • Hardened Surface for Extra Durability
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14-Inch NITRI-BLACK Carbon Steel Wok

14-Inch NITRI-BLACK Carbon Steel Wok

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About this item

NITRI-BLACK Carbon Steel Collection is specially-treated with nitriding technology for naturally non-stick performance. Available in three sizes, the cookware is a user-friendly, lighter weight, affordable alternative to traditional cast iron, while retaining many of the same benefits and durability home cooks want.


  • Not coated; easy to season with neutral oil; once seasoned, non-stick patina develops over time, increasing performance with every use

  • Corrosion-resistant and rust-proof body; specially-treated surface is 5x harder than regular carbon steel for extra strength and durability

  • Comparable to cast iron; same searing results without the weight

  • Suitable for indoor, outdoor and induction cooking, heat resistant up to 660° Fahrenheit; safe for use with metal utensils


  • Diameter: 14”

  • Height: 6.0”

  • Length: 24”

  • Weight: 5.5 lbs

(Measurements include handles.)

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